Concertfy Interview: Columbus Blue Jackets Foward Brandon Dubinsky Discusses 2014 Playoff Run; Wanting To Collaborate With Calvin Harris

June 9, 2014 in EDM, News

Last month, I had the chance to speak to Buffalo Sabres forward Drew Stafford. This past weekend I was also able to engage in a conversation with forward and assistant captain for the Columbus Blue Jackets as well as huge EDM fan Brandon Dubinsky. Dubinsky goes into detail about the teams’ underdog playoff run this season, and how fans in Columbus differ than those in the city in which his former team resides; New York. In this interview, he shares his current thoughts on the current EDM scene and wanting to collaborate with EDM star, Calvin Harris.

The Columbus Blue Jackets were one of the top underdog stories during the NHL playoffs this year. Describe what the vibe and atmosphere was like in Columbus with the Jackets clinching their second playoff berth since 2009:
“The fans were great and really excited. The city was buzzing. It was a really good experience for Columbus and I think it gave our team a big learning experience as well. It gave the fans a taste of where this team is heading and how good we can be.”

How would you say the playoff atmosphere in Columbus differs then that of New York?:
“I think there was a lot more excitement here in Columbus than in New York. New York is crazy and has great fans, but our fans were hungry to make the playoffs and really showed that support. I think Columbus fans were a bit crazier, for sure.”

Playing the Penguins had to be an extremely tough and grueling series. Obviously, just like in the regular season you and the Jackets have to get pumped before games. What kind of music do you and the team listen to in the locker room?:
“I’m not a big country music fan and James Wisniewski is a massive country music fan. Country music is about all he listens to. We’re really good friends but it is a constant battle, especially when we are in the car together. “We listen to all types – just depends on who is putting the music on. There is always a little country, rock and a lot of dance/techno music before the games.”

What do you think of the current EDM scene at the moment?:
“It’s the trend right now and what people want. I think it is good music, fun and gets you pumped up. Whether you’re in the locker room getting ready for a game or sitting by the pool having a cocktail in the summertime, it just fits the setting. It’s also important to remember you have to have talent to mix those beats and collaborate to put different types of music together, especially to make music people will want to listen to. It’s one of those types of music that gets people fired up or at least gets the heart racing a little faster. I think it has become very popular amongst hockey players; although even friends I have outside of hockey seem to like the same kind of music now. I think that shows how it’s a growing trend. Producers and DJs are pushing EDM in a lot of different bars and clubs, so it is becoming more widespread”

What’s the EDM scene like in your hometown of Anchorage, Alaska?:
“It’s extremely nonexistent. The most popular bar we go to doesn’t even play music when you’re there. I would say there is not much of a dance scene in Alaska.”

What would you describe as the best EDM show you’ve seen live:?
“My favorite EDM act live was probably Swedish House Mafia. I saw them on Governors Island in New York. It was insane – everything from the pyrotechnics to the crowd. It was a party like I have never seen before.”

Are you talented musically?:
“I am not talented musically at all. In fact, I’m extremely tone deaf. I obviously don’t play any instruments either.”

Lastly, if any – what DJ would you want to collaborate with?:
“My favorite EDM artist is probably Calvin Harris. I think he is one of the biggest in the world and just a lot of fun to listen to. He has a lot of energy. If anyone, it would be cool to work with him.”

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