Concertfy Review Of Green Day’s New ‘Demolicious’ Compilation Album

April 16, 2014 in HARD ROCK, News, POP PUNK, ROCK


Green Day are releasing a collection of demos/alternate takes of many tracks from their trilogy albums called Demolicious on Record Store Day. The first time I really could tell how much of a difference Green Day’s modern production had on the song is when the demo of “21st Century Breakdown” leaked several years ago and the differences between that demo and the finish product. A good hook laden Green Day song is enjoyable regardless of production, but some of the songs on Demolicious are helped by the more raw punk production values.

Mike Dirnt’s bass in “99 Revolutions” is a real subtle touch that you can hear better without the production, that song in general feels more punk than pop punk with the lack of production.

“Let Yourself Go” was my favorite trilogy track, I loved the studio version and have no major complaints about it. This raw demo makes it sound more like a Dookie followup, there’s a bit more visceral energy and space to the track here.

“Oh Love” sounded like a 60’s Beatles inspired track when I first heard it, but the modern production made it feel more 2000’s pop punk on Uno, here it sounds more like a homage to the 60’s.  There are some different lead guitar parts as well that give the song a bit more flavor to it.

The highlight of Demolicious is the acoustic demo of “Stay the Night” which closes the album, which sounds completely different from the more generic pop punk studio version.  The lyrics have more of a somber tone with Billie Joe Armstrong taking more of the singer-songwriter approach, I think if the approach of this acoustic version had made it into a studio version it could have been a better track.

Overall Demolicious is a fascinating look inside Green Day’s creative process.  While I believe Green Day’s albums over the last 10 years have had some great tracks, some of the best of their career (American Idiot, Wake Me Up When September Ends, Horseshoes and Handgrenades, Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Holiday, 21st Century Breakdown, Kill The DJ, and Let Yourself Go), I think they could benefit from stripping down the production on their next album.

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